When you depend upon a wheelchair for mobility, you can run into issues when it comes to getting from point A to point B in a vehicle. This is why it is vital that you consider purchasing wheelchair conversion vans. You will have several options, so it's important to shop carefully so you can avoid any mistakes that minimize the usefulness of your new van.

#1: Skipping the automatic lift

An automatic lift can be much more preferable than a ramp. Even if you are strong now and don't mind wheeling up a ramp, this could become more difficult in the future. Conversion vans, unlike other consumer cars, are usually purchased for longterm use that is closer to being measured in decades rather than years. This means that navigating a ramp may become more difficult as you age. An automatic lift is a much better choice because there is no need to physically work against gravity. If you have a power chair, a lift is still a better choice. This way if your chair battery dies you won't have to find someone strong enough to wheel both you and the heavy chair up the ramp.

#2: Not checking for wear and tear

The used market can be an excellent choice for saving cash on your van purchase, but there are some lesser known red flags to watch for. First and foremost, make sure the van is fully inspected for any frame damage. Cosmetic repairs can hide outward damage, but even the smallest fender bender can sometimes damage the frame. A damaged frame can put stress on the ramp or lift assembly, or otherwise cause it not to work smoothly. Also, check the rails on any slider access doors, particularly those for the wheelchair access. If they are bent or otherwise damaged, you may want to keep looking since damaged rails will eventually lead to a stuck door.

#3: Ignoring access issues

Not all problems are with the state of repair. You must plan ahead when shopping to make sure you choose a van that you can easily use. For example, if you will be parking in a narrow garage, you will either have to be prepared to disembark prior to parking with a side door, or you must find a van with a rear access door. If you go with the side door, make sure it is on the side you anticipate being easiest to use.

For more help, contact a dealer in your area.