If you have a car that is just sitting in your driveway collecting rust and dust, here are three creative ways you can make money off of your junk car.

#1 Strip It For Parts

One way you can make money off your junk car is by stripping it for parts. Basically, you'll want to remove all the parts that are still in good working condition without causing any additional damage. From there, you can list the parts online on a local online listing or for sale on a site such as eBay, where you can ship them off to others who need them for a price that is affordable for them and creates a little extra income for you.

Here are some ideas of parts that others may want from your vehicle:

  • Radio
  • Door handles
  • Tires
  • Rims
  • Spare Tire
  • Engine
  • Exhaust

Basically, most of the mechanical parts under the hood that still work may be able to find a second life somewhere, as well as some of the items that are unique to your particular car, such as the door handles or trim. If you really want to take your car apart, you may even find a market for parts such as a door or undamaged body panel.

#2 Scrap The Metal

If you are not that into taking everything apart on your own, you can easily leave that task to someone else and still make a little money at the same time. Look around and see if there is a junkyard that will take your part and scrap it for metal and parts.

Generally, when you let the junk yard scrap your vehicle, you get paid a set amount for all salvageable parts and/or the cost of the metal that is in your vehicle. You may make a little less money than if you tried to sell all the parts individually on your own; however, it is a lot less work, energy and effort for the money that you do make back.

#3 Turn It Into An Art Piece

If you really can't bear to part with your old junk car, turn it into an art piece for your yard. Remove all the components from under the hood and the seats from the vehicle. Have fun painting it some fun and funky colors or hire someone to paint it in a way that is appealing and fun to you. Then, open up the trunk and/or the hood and grow a garden in there or turn it into a doghouse or a playhouse, making sure there are no sharp metal edges or glasses left. If you repurpose your old junk car into an art piece, you may not make money off of it in the traditional sense, but you'll get some added value out of it. 

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