When you begin planning out your tiny home, you probably start with the idea of building it on a trailer. The truth is, there is another option that is as efficient and gives you a bit more bang for your buck. Several tiny home builders are now moving to the concept of finding used semi trucks for sale and converting them into tiny homes. The benefit is coming out of the purchase with a foundation and walls that are ready for a remodel instead of starting from the ground up. If you think this may be ideal for you, here are some tips to get you started and on the way to your new semi truck for a tiny home build.

Shopping Around

Though it may seem like you could just go out and buy a used semi truck or find a lot that had used semi trucks, that is just the tip of the iceberg. You have to know what you are shopping around for and what will suit your needs. Ideally, you are looking for a smaller model. A used semi truck that fits the dimensions of a portable storage unit or one that was used for furniture delivery may be ideal. Keep in mind you need smaller dimensions for this, especially if you are going to be mobile. If you are not going to be mobile and you have a larger family, then a larger truck may be ideal. The key tip here is to be realistic about the size and the method for using the tiny home.

Pre-Installed Is not Always Best

You may run across a semi truck for sale that fits your size needs and has pre-installed options. For example, you may find one that was used as a produce truck and has a built-in refrigeration unit. If you do not know much about semi trucks, you may think this is a great idea that will save you on cooling during hotter months. The truth is, you have to have the truck operational in order to operate that cooling unit. This is not usually a budget friendly option and can be very loud. Instead, go for options where you can add your own cooling and heating with window style units that can be run on solar generators instead.

Framework Considerations

When you are shopping for the perfect used semi truck for sale, make sure you are really looking at the foundation of the truck as well as the walls of the truck. Keep in mind sometimes a used semi truck has been thoroughly used, which can leave it with several foundation issues. Check for leaks, breaks in the foundation, or rust areas that may be problematic when you start the insulation process of the tiny home build. Make sure you can easily cut into the walls for windows and doors without causing major damage to the metal. Also, consider if the framework will hold up to harsh conditions like storms. This will be your tiny home after all and it needs to be safe.

These are just three tips to consider when you are buying a used semi truck for sale that will be converted to a tiny home. If you are not sure exactly what size you need, inform the dealer what your plans are and they can help you find the right size for your needs.

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